Perfect 7 Hair Protecting Oils (By Size)

June 11, 2020

Heyyy!  I’m assuming you just saw my latest video on PMP so I know why you’re here 😉 the list is below!

(Ranked from largest to smallest)

  1. Hair Grease (Petrolatum)
  2. Shea/Mango Butter 
  3. Castor Oil
  4. Avocado Oil
  5. Jojoba Oil
  6. Sunflower Oil
  7. Grapeseed Oil 

My favorites are hair grease and avocado!  However I recommend you choose based on what YOUR hair loves.

With Love,


P.S:  I will expand on this list over time, so keep checking for updates and follow me on IG @sharmaine369.

30 responses to “Perfect 7 Hair Protecting Oils (By Size)”

  1. Latrice Byrd says:

    You are such a God sent, thank you for this I’m learning how to take care of my hair and what it likes. I have low porosity hair based on the hair test I’m currently using the shea mositure black castor line, to see how my hair does with these.
    I have heard with low porosity that lighter products work best but some products I’ve used that were lite, y hair did not feel good or seem to respond well. I have been trying stuff now I’m going to stay with these to see how my hair responds and to learn what these ingredients does. Unless it has a negative reaction. Thank you.

  2. V. Daniel says:

    I love how informative your Chanel is and how you explain in a simple way how to take care of natural black hair with products that cost effective. Keep up the good work.

    • Vanessa M Williams says:

      Yes. Her videos are so concise & straight to the point. Love it. Understanding the chemistry of products is a PLUS!

  3. Me says:

    What about olive oil?

  4. Charlene Morgan says:

    Thank you so much for the guidance to a great hair journey. Just using a product because you know the brand isn’t alway the best things to do but knowing why your using the product is a awesome thing

  5. Monki says:

    I thought Avocado Oil is a penetrating oil because of it’s structure?

    • sharmaine369 says:

      Hey! Avocado has about 20% ability to penetrate, the other 80% does not penetrate, so overall it more of protecting oil.

  6. Elyse says:

    I really, really love and appreciate what you’re doing. Super informative, easy to understand and you videos are great to watch. Thank you <3

  7. Connie Dunn says:

    Lanolin is probably a protective oil as well because of how rich it is (I love it and use it on my hair from time to time mixed with jojoba butter). Would you ever recommend it?

  8. Kay says:

    What about Argan oil?

  9. Tee says:

    Good info!!

  10. Tiffany says:

    What about coconut oil where does it fall on size list? 🙂

  11. Justin says:

    What do you think about peppermint oil. Is it a penetrating oil? I started to think I knew what I was doing but after watching your video I am completely lost again. I usually shampoo my hair every 2-3 weeks then I deep condition and I use peppermint oil and castor oil every day sometimes I use a grease/leave in called Africa’s Best what do you think about my routine

    • sharmaine369 says:

      Hey! Peppermint oil is ideal for the scalp, not the hair. However, it will penetrate into the scalp. Please mix peppermint oil into a carrier oil like jojoba oil or avocado oil.

  12. Hilda says:

    Hi, so glad I found this post. I have low porosity hair and I struggle with moisture and I kept hearing everyone talking about grapeseed oil and I bought it and used it, girl it dried my hair so much. I don’t know if I should’ve mixed it with another carrier oil that’s heavier but I was so disappointed. Any tips? my hair loves high oleic sunflower oil it works so well and yet its also a light oil please share any ideas of how I can incorporate my grapeseed to still maintain moisture.

    Also could you please list which oils are protective and penetrating? I never knew there was a difference lol. Thank you!

    • sharmaine369 says:

      Hello! You should definitely stick with sunflower oil as a protecting oil, especially if your hair loves it. You don’t have to keep the grapeseed oil and great protecting oils are coconut oil and babassu oil. 🙂

  13. Abby says:


    If I were to make a leave-in butter that I wanted to be moisturizing but more protecting, what ratio of sealing oils do I use? Do I only use protecting oils and bitters?

    • sharmaine369 says:

      Hello! Anything at or above 70% protecting oils or butters will be a great sealing/protective product. 🙂

  14. lucy says:

    can I use shea butter as a sealant on my high porosity hair

  15. Adara says:

    How about Black Seed Oil??

    Should it be used as a Sealant or Moisturizer?

    Thank you so much in Advance!! 🙏🙏🙏

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