Practical Solutions For Natural Hair


Tackle the top natural hair challenges with the Practical Solutions for Natural Hair! As a cosmetic chemist, I put together effective solutions to overcome the most common natural hair struggles from hair loss to retaining moisture to caring for grey hair, I got you covered!




The Problem

You are frustrated with not getting results with your hair, tired of trying techniques that don’t work, the breakage is increasing, the dryness is not leaving, you’re stuck at the same length, and you are two steps a way from throwing in the towel, but not on my watch sis! 

The Solution

I’ve taken the top natural hair care challenges and put together practical solutions that can be implemented today that have consistently worked for others and myself included! After hours and hours of research, conversations, and experience I’ve put together these solutions that will help tackle your hair care challenge and support healthy growing natural hair.

The Solutions Will Cover

Dry Scalp 

Dry Hair

Split Ends

Hair Shedding/Thin Hair

Grey Hair

Damaged Hair

Itchy Scalp

Frizzy Hair


Hair Loss (Hair Growth)

Oily Hair/Scalp

Product Recommendations

Curly Chemistry DIY Hair Treatments

Curly Chemistry DIY Scalp Treatments

Frequently Asked Hair + Scalp Questions Answered


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