The Curly Girl’s Guide To Hair Care Ingredients


This is the natural hair care guide from a chemist that you need!  It’s time for someone on the inside to share what really happens, and what ingredients really mean for our curly, kinky, and coiled hair. That is why this guide can be considered as, ACCESS GRANTED! 




I Saw A Problem

Women like me were frustrated with choosing hair care products that didn’t work as they expected; and was tired of misinformation on hair care labels resulting in wasted time and money.

I Created A Solution

I took my experience and knowledge as a cosmetic chemist and poured it out in this guide for you!  My goal is to increase your knowledge and confidence in understanding the products that you use on your hair to your advantage. Giving you the information that has been held back for so long!

The Information You’re Getting

What An Ingredient List SHOULD and Should NOT Look Like

Identifying a 2 STAR Product Vs. a 5 STAR Product

Top Ingredients That PERFORM For Natural Hair

Identifying Marketing Ingredients and How They LURE YOU In

Ingredients To AVOID Based on Your Hair Needs

The TRUTH About Fragrances

Understanding + Identifying FUNCTIONAL Ingredients and Why You Need Them

The REAL BREAKDOWN of Your Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturizer, and Leave-In


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20 responses to “The Curly Girl’s Guide To Hair Care Ingredients”

  1. Wow! I just had my 1on 1 consultation call with Tonya Lane.
    I am clearer on how to move forward with my business and what practical steps I can put in place Today! I am truly better suited to tackle my next steps in business thanks to Tonya & her ability to listen to the client! Thanks for helping people like myself, get a clue😉on what to do next.

  2. Lori says:

    After reading the Curly Girl’s Guide and watching your videos, I realize I have NOT been taking proper care of my hair out of ignorance so I am going to make some major changes to my hair care regimen. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!! I want my hair to to be healthy and look like yours. THANK YOU SO MUCH for providing this crucial guide and videos. I wish I had this information when I transitioned 4 years ago, but it is not too late for me. I am excited for the results!

  3. Myriam Georges says:

    You’ve brought me so much clarity. I’m a natural hair stylist in Florida. I’ve recently gotten frustrated with not being able to confidently explain to my clients the reasons why a product will work for them and creating a hair care regimen for them. Your book (the science) is what is missing from so many industry classes. My goal is to one day offer a product line to my clients. So I’m super excited to have found you. Thank you again!

  4. Elijahu says:

    Love your book n it’s saves me MILLIONS of dollars, well maybe not quite that LOL, but the wealth of knowledge in choosing hair products n even skin products for that matter, HAS BEEN TREMENDOUS!! U GO GIRL N DO WHAT U DO CUZ UR YHE BEST AT IT!!

  5. Crissy says:

    I am so happy to have stumbled across the curly chemistry videos but especially the book – The Curly Girls Guide to Hair Care Ingredients. Such a blessing to have access to information that will allow me to better serve my clients. So many marketing gimmicks have us buying the wrong products and wasting money. The breakdown in the book is helpful and an added bonus for my research!

  6. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  7. Farida says:

    What a pleasure it was read your Curly Girls Guide! LOVED IT and learned so much that I’m going to start formulating again!

  8. Jackie says:

    I’ve always believed that the simple things in life have the most value. Your eBook was easy to read and packed with valuable information. I feel I’m equipped to be an informed consumer. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

  9. Very informative.

  10. Talia says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. It really helped in opening my mind and taught me a lot about product ingredients. Especially the chapter where you explained and gave insight on working ingredients and marketing ingredients. This ebook was helpful to me. Thanks for writing it!

  11. Tamika @moscotolover says:

    I have been watching Tonya for quite some time on youtube. She always brought all the facts. Seeing her on youtube dropping more facts, I saw that she released a book and I jumped to chance to support but I had no idea what I would get! There is a wealth of information in this book and it is coming from a woman of color who put time and education into and behind her findings. The Curly Girl’s Guide To Hair Care Ingredients has helped me revamp some hair care recipes I have been working on and extend the quality of my products. Tonya thank you for this book, your effort, thank you for your passion, thank you for the education you sought in becoming a chemist. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us curly girls. I for one, appreciate you and this book greatly! If you are hesitating, please purchase. You won’t regret it one bit!

  12. Naja says:

    Tonya’s Curly Girl Guide is amazing! Its the kind of ebook you’ll definitely want to hold onto for reference later. I’m a licensed Cosmetologist but I learned alot from this guide. I am SO glad that I purchased.

  13. Lisa says:

    I really enjoyed your video First because you are a Bronze Girl talking about Bronze people haircare. I learned a lot which will help me better take care of my hair. By the way can you address the best products for gray hair my hair is extremely dry! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  14. Eleny says:

    I loved . Was very informative and straightforward. Learned new things that I didn’t know before. Whether you are starting a hair care line or just need help with picking out which products are best for you. This ebook is very helpful. Also Tonya is extremely attentive if you have any questions. Definitely recommend for all my naturals out there ☺️

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