The Curly Girl’s Guide To Hair Care Ingredients


This is the natural hair care guide from a chemist that you need!  It’s time for someone on the inside to share what really happens, and what ingredients really mean for our curly, kinky, and coiled hair. That is why this guide can be considered as, ACCESS GRANTED! 




I Saw A Problem

Women like me were frustrated with choosing hair care products that didn’t work as they expected; and was tired of misinformation on hair care labels resulting in wasted time and money.

I Created A Solution

I took my experience and knowledge as a cosmetic chemist and poured it out in this guide for you!  My goal is to increase your knowledge and confidence in understanding the products that you use on your hair to your advantage. Giving you the information that has been held back for so long!

The Information You’re Getting

What An Ingredient List SHOULD and Should NOT Look Like

Identifying a 2 STAR Product Vs. a 5 STAR Product

Top Ingredients That PERFORM For Natural Hair

Identifying Marketing Ingredients and How They LURE YOU In

Ingredients To AVOID Based on Your Hair Needs

The TRUTH About Fragrances

Understanding + Identifying FUNCTIONAL Ingredients and Why You Need Them

The REAL BREAKDOWN of Your Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturizer, and Leave-In


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17 responses to “The Curly Girl’s Guide To Hair Care Ingredients”

  1. Niche says:

    After watching her YouTube video, I immediately purchased her e-book. I was very impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and willingness to help. I definitely recommend subscribing to her channel and utilizing the resources she provides. You can tell a lot of time and effort went into compiling the information and it’s very affordable!

  2. Michelle J. says:

    Thank you so much for writing the Curly Girl Guide. It is informative and it is a great guide to follow when purchasing hair products. Again Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I’m looking forward to your next writing. Blessings

  3. Lee says:

    Dear Tonya

    Ive been wanting to start a natural hair care line for many years. Ive been to a chemist that wasn’t very helpful in the past. Tonight I was browsing the internet and came across your YouTube channel. I subscribed and I’ve learned so much by listening to your videos. I’m looking forward to booking my consultation on how to move forward with my business idea

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