Create Your Natural Hair Care Line 1:1 Consultation


Are you ready to start your own natural hair care line? With this consultation service, I’ll guide you through the essential steps to create a successful hair care brand! From formulating products to marketing strategies, we’ll cover it all. If you’re passionate about natural hair care and want to make a difference in the industry, this consultation is for you!




The goal is to give you the tools and knowledge you need to create your hair care line!  I’m taking my 7+ years of personal care industry experience and customizing it to fit your needs in creating the best possible product for your brand and connecting you to reputable resources (my own curated list) to bring your ideas to fruition. 


Once you sign up, I’ll personally send you a congratulatory email with pre-work questions for you to fill out to let me know what you want to create and your goals for your brand, from there you will schedule your call with me and then we’ll get started. Super easy!


A sample formula of your choice

1-hour consultation

Complimentary product review on Curly Chemistry YouTube + Instagram (300k+ total platform)

General advice on cosmetic chemistry, formulating, how-to’s, etc.

Insight into potential setbacks that can occur during your formulating journey and how to overcome them.

Guidance on what your formula should look like.

Direction on how to develop a formula based on your client’s needs and wants.

Steps on how to create a product that performs.

Insight on how to properly price your formula to meet desired profit margins.

Discuss packaging and labeling your products.

Guidance on how to format your ingredient labels for your products according to regulations set by the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI).

Access to reputable labs, contract manufacturers, and private label options to bring your creative ideas to life!

Exclusive resources, learning material, and more!


A small investment of $397 will save you thousands later down the line as you will be connected to an experienced and trained cosmetic chemist excited to see you win!  


Absolutely! Check out the reviews below!
I’m looking forward to connecting with you and just like many others I’ve worked with, I can’t wait to see your results!
For any questions please contact me at


Consultations are non-refundable.

156 responses to “Create Your Natural Hair Care Line 1:1 Consultation”

  1. Katelyn B. says:

    I had a pleasure speaking with Tonya during my Curly Chemistry Consultation! Tonya gave me a lot of valuable tools and resources as well as answered many questions I had which I am now able to build upon. Tonya gave me the opportunity to voice what my goals were and assisted me in how I would be able to achieve these goals for my formulations and for my business. Tonya was very kindhearted and a pleasure to converse with. She is very knowledgeable and has a great mission in mentoring and educating entrepreneurs.

  2. Yahaira F. says:

    I loved my Curly Chemistry Consultation. She helped me think about important things I was not considering for my hair styling cream and asked excellent questions to know more about what my interests were. I’m also very pleased with all the resources she provided me with. I’m very excited about what will come with my product after this consultation. Thank you so much, Tonya!

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