Create Your Natural Hair Care Line 1:1 Consultation


Are you ready to start your own natural hair care line? With this consultation service, I’ll guide you through the essential steps to create a successful hair care brand! From formulating products to marketing strategies, we’ll cover it all. If you’re passionate about natural hair care and want to make a difference in the industry, this consultation is for you!




The goal is to give you the tools and knowledge you need to create your hair care line!  I’m taking my 7+ years of personal care industry experience and customizing it to fit your needs in creating the best possible product for your brand and connecting you to reputable resources (my own curated list) to bring your ideas to fruition. 


Once you sign up, I’ll personally send you a congratulatory email with pre-work questions for you to fill out to let me know what you want to create and your goals for your brand, from there you will schedule your call with me and then we’ll get started. Super easy!


A sample formula of your choice

1-hour consultation

Complimentary product review on Curly Chemistry YouTube + Instagram (300k+ total platform)

General advice on cosmetic chemistry, formulating, how-to’s, etc.

Insight into potential setbacks that can occur during your formulating journey and how to overcome them.

Guidance on what your formula should look like.

Direction on how to develop a formula based on your client’s needs and wants.

Steps on how to create a product that performs.

Insight on how to properly price your formula to meet desired profit margins.

Discuss packaging and labeling your products.

Guidance on how to format your ingredient labels for your products according to regulations set by the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI).

Access to reputable labs, contract manufacturers, and private label options to bring your creative ideas to life!

Exclusive resources, learning material, and more!


A small investment of $397 will save you thousands later down the line as you will be connected to an experienced and trained cosmetic chemist excited to see you win!  


Absolutely! Check out the reviews below!
I’m looking forward to connecting with you and just like many others I’ve worked with, I can’t wait to see your results!
For any questions please contact me at


Consultations are non-refundable.

165 responses to “Create Your Natural Hair Care Line 1:1 Consultation”

  1. Jeff P. says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for taking time out of your day to speak with me. The consultation was very informative and helpful. The information you provided gave me tons of useful information and insight on the process of creating a hair care product line. I appreciate everything.

  2. Tori says:

    I booked a consultation with Tonya and it was the best decision ever. I left the consultation extremely happy and knowledgeable regarding my concerns. I would highly suggest this investment.

  3. Clarisa W. says:

    I absolutely loved our call! So much information and everything was made clear and easy to understand. Very professional and the energy to help was very clear. So excited to start working on my products. Will recommend to others.

  4. Morgan C. says:

    My consultation with Tonya of Curly Chemistry, was everything I wanted it to be and more! I went into the consultation being a little nervous and hoping to be more confident about making my dreams of having a hair care line a reality.

    Tonya went above and beyond! Not only did my nerves calm down after talking with her for the first few minutes, but she was very easy to talk with as I shared some of my goals and vision. I was able to ask all of my questions as she gracefully answered each one. While talking with her, it felt like no question was a “bad question” and I really appreciated that! She carefully listened to each of my questions and provided great advice! She supported my ideas and dedicated the consultation to helping me stay on track with my vision.

    Tonya is very knowledgeable about the beauty industry, as a whole, and she explained certain processes so I could easily understand. She even shared contact information for other chemists, manufactures and wholesalers.

    I highly recommend scheduling a consultation with Tonya if you are interested in starting a hair care line now or in the future. Her knowledge, patience and calm demeanor made the consultation so worth it! I trust I am headed in the right direction with my hair care line and look forward to hopefully working with Tonya in the future some day! Thank you, Tonya! 🙂

  5. Fatima E. says:

    The consultation with Tonya was just the thing I needed to start my hair care line. Aside from her deep understanding of hair and how formulas should look like, she’s also very knowledgable in the hair care industry. She was very helpful and informative and answered all my questions in the most effective way. The consultation, I’d say was worth a lot more than the price. Thank you Tonya for this amazing service.

  6. Nicole V. says:

    Thanks again for the wonderful consultation. The information you provided was invaluable & you really helped point me in the right direction. Your expertise with formulations helped demystify what I was trying to accomplish & it helped affirm that my simple musings are actually possibilities.

  7. Natasha says:

    I’ve been following the curly chemistry YouTube channel for sometime now. As a licensed service provider I want to ensure that my reference for new Industry standards are reliable. Who is more reliable than a cosmetic chemist? I was able to schedule a consultation the day before Thanksgiving. That meeting followed with time off and allowed me to assess everything I learned. Preparing for a new journey requires time, grit and most importantly direction.

    I’ve been a natural hair salon owner for 10 years . I was intimidated by the thought of developing a product from scratch because it can be quite expensive and time consuming. I played with the idea of doing a private label line which is pretty much the standard, but I just don’t feel comfortable. In a way it lacks integrity and doesn’t reassure the client using the product that it will be effective.

    I appreciate Tonya. She gave me the confidence and the tools necessary to start my journey in product development. I appreciate her time, her expertise and her easy to engage personality. If you’re considering a consultation with her, she’s worth every dime.

  8. Eva O. says:

    From watching her Curly Chemistry youtube videos to having a consultation, my experience with Tonya Lane was amazing! Her advice has helped steer me in the right direction towards solidifying my product. She left an open space for questions and provided extra wisdom in the field she knows best. Thank you for your help and guidance!

  9. Khamile P. says:

    My experience with Tonya was very informative, well guided and straight to the point. Tonya has a welcoming personality, resembling that of what I saw on YouTube. I’m so glad she was easy to talk to and did not judge my level of knowledge. In my case, I already had a formula created by an Asian chemist and although I was confident in that chemist’s work, I wanted to double check with an individual that understood what the black community’s hair needs. We went through the ingredient list in detail, she explained what each ingredient did and which ones I didn’t need as well as made suggestions and recommendations. My hour was well spent and I have the confidence in moving forward to the next steps on my hair product line journey.

  10. Michelle A. says:

    After our call yesterday with you, we felt better prepared for the future of our product line. You gave us the starting tools to get us off the ground and running.
    You took the time to listen attentively to ALL of us (lol) when we expressed our individual concerns. Our consultation went smoothly and it was well thought out. You made us feel comfortable to ask questions and your encouragement was felt. We truly appreciate you sharing the viable resources and your input on how we can improve our product!
    Thank you for your patience, kindness and your wealth of information!


  11. Karen F. says:

    Tonya’s product line consultation was exactly what I needed to expand my existing product line. She took the guesswork out of identifying a reputable manufacturer, which will save me time and MONEY in the future. She also thoroughly explained product ingredients in such a simple way, that I am no longer intimidated by the formulation process, and can confidently ask for what I want in my next set of products. The consultation left me wanting more! Thanks Tonya for using your knowledge and gifts to help grow my brand!
    — K.F.

  12. Salmata K. says:

    Thank you for all the expert knowledge and I will definitely keep you updated on my progress. You really gave me that push to keep trying and answered all my burning questions! I’m excited to dive back in and use all of this knowledge!

  13. Ambreca says:

    OMG Tonya! Thank you sooo much for sharing the WEALTH of information with me during our call today. I really appreciate your recommendations to what made you successful and who you are today! I had no clue of where to start at the beginning the call but, by the end of the call, you gave me exactly what I needed to be successful. So I just want to say Thank You So Much!🙏🏽

  14. Kay C. says:

    One word: BLESSING🙏🏾🙏🏾
    Tonya, I truly cannot thank you enough for all of the amazing knowledge that you gave me during our call. You are so patient and I love that the call wasn’t rushed. You truly have a passion and are serious about helping people. During our call, I felt a sense of relief and a huge amount of support from you. I am following ALL of your advice and I can’t wait to release my products with your formula recommendation. You are THE BEST! After our call, I was filled with sooooo much joy and excitement plus I almost cried because the amount of support that you give is unbelievable. You are a major blessing and I’m truly grateful. 🙏🏾

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