1:1 Create Your Natural Hair Care Line Consultation (1 Hr)

December 3, 2019


You’ve googled, you’ve got some information, and trying to figure it out on your own can be time consuming, you have the ingredients for success, but now you just need someone to formulate your ideas into fruition.  I’m ready to work with you one on one, check out the description below and let’s start creating!




The goal is to give you the tools and knowledge you need to create your vision!  I’m literally taking my experience and customizing it to fit your needs in creating the best possible product for your brand!  


Once you sign up, I’ll personally send you a congratulatory email with pre-work questions to get to know your brand, and confirm what time + date works best for you.  Then we’ll get started.  Super easy! 


Offer any general advice on cosmetic chemistry, formulating, how to’s, etc.

Share potential setbacks that can occur during your formulating journey and how to overcome them.

Share what your formula should look like.

Share how to develop a formula based off your clients needs and wants.

Share how to create a product that performs.

Share how to properly price your formula to meet desired profit margins.

Discuss packaging and labeling your products.

Teach you how to format your ingredient labels for your products according to regulations set by the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI).

Recommend a reputable lab and manufacturer to bring your creative ideas to life!

Provide resources, learning material, and more!


A small investment of $179 will save you thousands later down the line as you will be connected to an experienced and trained cosmetic chemist excited to see you win!  You’ll be glad you invested.  Check the reviews below! 🙂


Consultations are non-refundable.


“Tonya’s consultation with me was far more than I imagined it would be!  She educated me on what to do and what not to do with my products as well as keys to managing my time, use of products, and how to master my formulas to perfection. I had many doubts and concerns and she fix them all for me within 2 hours! -Dawn R.”

“I had the absolute pleasure of being able to work with Tonya. She’s so easy to work with and understood the vision I had for my products when many could not. She’s super knowledgeable and really helped me under understand how certain ingredients would work in my product. I really hope to be able to work with her again in the future. -Christina C”

“Tonya was amazing to work with. Creating my own product seemed very overwhelming but Tonya was very patient in walking me through the entire process start to finish. She clearly articulated the important of each ingredient and gave helpful feedback on how to achieve my desired results. I highly would recommend her. -Jai M.”

I am so excited for the opportunity to work with you and just like many others I’ve worked with, I can’t wait to see your results. Talk to you soon!
For any questions please contact me at ilearn@curlychemistry.com

46 responses to “1:1 Create Your Natural Hair Care Line Consultation (1 Hr)”

  1. Eleny says:

    This consultation was extremely helpful. I recently started a hair care line. And am in the process of adding more products to my line but needed more information on how to do so. Tonya answered all of my questions in detail and was very patient. She was Also very bubbly and friendly. She explained to me step by step the process on how to create products correctly. She made the process of formulation less intimidating for me. I definitely recommend the consultation if you are trying to start a hair care line. It’s a small and great investment which can save you from making mistakes later down the line.

  2. Kiara says:

    This consult was everything that i expected! I gained so much information and insight! Looking forward to getting started with the help of curly chemistry!! Would absolutely book again and will!!

  3. Monique says:

    My consultation call with Curly Chemistry (Tonya) was absolutely AMAZING! She covered every concern I had. She gave me more than enough scientific information on my formulation. Her explanation of science based information was clear and effective. If you are wondering about labeling, launching, and social media presence for your product idea, she covers it ALL! Do not hesitate to book your session. Do it today, because the knowledge that you receive is exactly what you will need to develop your product for the market!

  4. Ludna says:

    Wow. It was such a privilege to consult with Tonya. Her scientific knowledge along with her experience made the process less overwhelming. She is very thorough, also I could hear and feel the authenticity and honesty in her voice.
    She encouraged me, she reassured me about the exiting process and journey on how to create my product. The consultation is worth the investment

  5. Madison says:

    An hour worth of GREAT information to help me start my business in natural hair care. For me, who knows absolutely nothing about chemistry, this meeting has opened my eyes to valuble mixtures and formula-making information. I can not wait to start this journey. This consulataion was definetely worth the investment.

  6. Beverly says:

    I had an amazing experience with Tonya! She has given me all the tools I need and connected me to all her resources to optimize my hair care products! Not only did Tonya break down the science and business of hair care ; she was able to recommend the best ingredient mixtures and formulations to achieve functionality goals. She definitely challenged my current ingredient list with constructive feedback and discussed the benefits of each ingredient. This call was for sure Dope and I literally scratched my original recipe and I’m rewriting a whole new recipe for my products. Don’t hesitate – please call her if you’re starting your own product line.

  7. Ayana says:

    My experience with talking with Tonya was amazing! She definitely helped me more than i expected! She is very knowledgeable and knows what she is talking about! I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to start a business and who just doesn’t know what to do next or feel stuck! Tonya is your girl! Thanks for all your help!

  8. Curtis says:

    If you are looking to understand what is needed in your products to achieve your end result, Tonya is your product ingredient list guru. She will break down every detail, answer any concerns or questions that you may have. I also believe she will be the go to to help with any of your hair concerns. Sign up for a consult today you won’t regret it.

  9. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for an amazing consultation! Thank you for being informative, laughing with me and helping with my vision. I was nervous because I felt clueless about launching my idea, but you helped me remain focus, you shared with me what to expect, what to formulate, the good and everything in between.

  10. Keisha says:

    My consultation with Tonya was highly valuable. She went above and beyond my expectations for what I’d gain from our discussion. I feel much more equipped to scale up my business and add new products. The value of our consultation far exceeds the price considering her wealth of knowledge and what she has to offer.

  11. Ashlee says:

    I really loved my consultation with Curly Chemistry . I gained so much knowledge from the call and I’m so excited about getting to work on my product line ! Tonya went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and all of my questions were answered. I highly recommend her to any entrepreneurs that are looking to be successful and go to the next level in your business. 5 stars ⭐️

  12. Naja says:

    I just had my natural hair care line consultation with Tonya and it was SO informative. I learned more in our 1 hour call than I have during my months and months of online research. Not only was she super professional, but she was also patient with me. Tonya is truly gifted in the way that she is able to help people understand the complex world of cosmetic chemistry. She has given me the confidence that I needed to begin my journey of creating my own hair care line.

  13. Leondra says:

    I highly recommend taking the one on one consultation. It was very informative, I understood when you touched basis on everything. It’s the guide to having a successful product. I think everyone should sign up for your program as it has helped me feel way better about launching new products! Thank you again for all your help!

  14. Tamika says:

    It was such a pleasure working with Tonya, she is personable and so knowledgeable about the cosmetic hair care industry. Before my initial consultation I had absolutely no knowledge about starting a hair care line I just knew that I had a vision that needed to come to fruition. Tonya answered every question, covered all bases pertaining to my product and the hair industry. She touched on the pros and cons I may face and some solutions on how to navigate along advice on how to effectively launch my products. I was extremely pleased with Tonya’s work that I booked another session right after my first consultation.

  15. Shauna says:

    I am so happy I found Tonya!!! I am currently formulating my own skincare line and I have had questions continuously along the way on everything from the formulation, ingredients, preservatives to labeling of the bottles, etc. Tonya was so knowledgeable, explained things really well, gave me detailed answers and options, made sure all my questions were answered and was also a joy to work with! Thank you again!

  16. Brianna says:

    Tonya was very friendly and knowledgeable. She answered all of my questions and was very detailed as well as responded quickly to emails. She is most definitely with the investment and I will be purchasing another session.

  17. Deborah says:

    Having a consulting session with Tonya was a very rewarding experience. She is very personable and extremely knowledgeable since this is her profession. She has an innate way of encouraging and empowering you about your product. You can truly sense the passion she has for helping people fulfill their dreams. I am so glad our paths crossed by happenstance via YOUTUBE and personally during a consulting call. I truly feel empowered to take the next step with my product.

  18. NaJhae says:

    I loved the book it’s extremely helpful to add to our consultation. You are so sweet, helpful, and informative! I definitely received all I was seeking and them some by scheduling our consultation and purchasing your book. I can’t wait to have my first trial with my products and I’m eager to see where my business goes. Thanks again!

  19. Kelly says:

    The Curly Chemistry Consultation with Tonya was an immeasurably valuable investment in my business. While there is information on the internet about formulating products, much of it is from other “makers” such as myself, and it’s not specific to MY products. So having dedicated time to speak to an actual chemist – who understands the needs of textured hair and ethnic skin – and discussing MY formulations and MY products, pays for itself ten times over. Tonya is incredibly knowledgeable, gave me the technical information I desired, but never once came across as condescending or made me feel as if my questions or concepts were stupid. I cannot recommend a consultation with Tonya enough – I will be scheduling another one soon!

  20. Amira says:

    I experienced a great consultation with Tonya! She helped me out a lot and gave me so much information ! I’m grateful and I am looking forward to starting my product line! Thank you again !!

  21. Bianca says:

    My consultation with Tonya was amazing and very informative! Before my consultation, I was struggling with determining which ingredients to use to combat specific hair problems. Tonya was able to assist in taking my knowledge of formulations and ingredients to another level! She also gave suggestions on how I can think outside the box and create a line that is not only innovative, but attractive in the market. I also found it very helpful that Tonya provides information surrounding manufacturers, which is something I struggled with when researching on my own. I spent countless hours online researching, formulations, ingredients, manufactures and Tonya provided very useful information in an hour timeframe. I will definitely book another session with her as I move through this journey of creating my own line!

  22. Courtney says:

    After having my consultation with Tonya, I feel propelled to experiment with my hair products. Tonya is professional and detailed at delivering her knowledge as a chemist. I’m excited to see the impact that I’ll have in the natural hair industry. Thanks again for your assistance.

  23. Denisha says:

    The consultant with Tonya was amazing. It was everything I was hoping for and more! I gained so much insight and knowledge on how to start my hair care line.
    Tonya is very thorough and knowledgeable. She provided me with tons of information and resources. We went through all of the key points from formulating, pricing, labeling, manufacturing companies, marketing, and more, all in one hour.
    If you’re feeling a bit stuck like I was, I would definitely recommend booking a session. Tonya helped me figure out what my next steps are, so now I know exactly where to go from here.

    Thanks so much, Tonya!

  24. Yshele says:

    I couldn’t have asked for a better Phone Consultation. It was everything I expected and more! Tonya was prepared with my business product and the ingredients that make it better. She asked all the appropriate questions that later helped her to guide me in the right direction. She equipped me with all the knowledge on paper that I needed to perfect my formula.I sure hope there is a digital class coming up because i am ready to book! I would recommend her to anyone just starting out or already have a skin and hair care business running!

  25. Nina says:

    My consultation with Tonya was so helpful. She gave me insightful information on formulations and the basics on launching a product. After our conversation I’ve now gained the knowledge to market my product correctly with confidence. Tonya was prompt, professional, and competent. I look forward to working with her in the future.

  26. Whitney says:

    The consultation was everything I needed and more! Tonya is so down to earth and provided me with a safe space to open up about my brand. She gave great advice to help guide me through the process!

  27. Althea says:

    My consultation with Tonya was well worth the investment. She’s incredibly knowledgable about the natural hair care industry – not to mention her innate chemistry knowledge! I’m grateful for Tonya’s insights, recommendations and feedback. She’s easygoing, pleasant and genuine!

  28. Nicki says:

    Tonya, thank you so much for helping to make my vision clear for the products I want to create. You were so easy to talk to. I love how well prepared you were for our call. You didn’t waste any of my time during our 1:1. This was money well spent for the betterment of my brand. I love how genuine and knowledgeable you are about formulation and product making. The information you shared with me and the way you simplified it for me I never would have obtain this information with all the independent research I did on my own. I’ve been searching for a chemist for a long time and I’m so happy to have found you. Thank you again for your help and keep doing what you’re doing.

  29. Eva says:

    One on one hair care line consultation was definitely beneficial and way more informative than I imagined it to be! Tonya was very personable and provided tools and knowledge for launching my hair care line. She provided resources, learning material, several options/ examples of what my formula should look like and helped build my confidence in my product overall. One on one Consultation is worth the investment! I highly recommend consulting with Tonya for chemist expertise.

  30. Dionne says:

    Tonya’s knowledge and recommended advice has been a great asset to me, during the begin and early stages of formulating and solidifying my own natural product line for natural hair.
    Without question, I recommend Tonya to anyone needing clarity or looking for guidance in launching their own product line or just needing to talk through ideas on DIY formulations.
    She is easy to talk to, honest, patient and provides challenges to assist in bettering your product, while remaining in tegral to your vision.
    Her ability to capture my concept within our one hour consultation, has provided me with the motivation and encouragement I needed.
    I now know my dream can and will be a reality. Thank you Tonya.

  31. Abena says:

    I enjoyed the call. I felt like she was really friendly and always gave us the opportunity to ask any questions that we have . I felt like it was informative and I did learn some new things I didn’t know before. It was worth the money and helped us realize we are on the right track but can definitely make improvements to achieve our perfect products.

  32. Michelle says:

    We throughly enjoyed the call with Tonya! She was informative, open to questions, and has an amazing personality that made the 1 hour call breeze by. We felt really comfortable sharing our vision and are grateful for the valuable information and advice. We would love to work with Tonya in the future.

  33. Whitney says:

    I feel confident in my decision to reach out to Tonya. I scheduled a second chat with her and she made me even more excited about this journey. If you’re looking for expert advice and great vibes, Tonya is your girl.

  34. Alacia says:

    Speaking with Tonya was like talking to a friend that knew all of the answers to my questions! She was very knowledgeable and was prepared to answer every question that I asked her. Prior to our call, I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. Now, with the tools and information that she has given me, I feel comfortable taking this journey head on!

  35. Yessenia says:

    My consultation with Tonya was so informative and helpful. She’s very knowledgeable and knows what’s she’s talking about. I’ve always wanted to created a hair product line but felt overwhelmed with where to even begin. Tonya’s structure for explaining the process helped give me clarity, a better understanding on product formulation, and a clearer vision on how to manifest the products I want to create.

  36. Thomas says:

    This was an awesome experience speaking with Tonya about my project. Tonya was very attentive to my questions and gave me the confidence I needed to feel and know my dream can become a reality. Tonya is very knowledgeable about cosmetics and her passion was a huge selling point to me.
    I look forward to working with Tonya on future projects.

  37. Taylor says:

    Tonya was a delight to speak with! As a new business owner, the process of creating your own product can appear to be a very daunting and scary process. My consultation with Tonya put me at ease and has given me the confidence to accomplish the process of creating my product! She breaks down the process and works with you to better understand how creating a product works as well as answers any questions you may have. She is very down to earth which helped me to be more comfortable to ask all the questions I had, even the ones I thought were a little silly. I would not have been able to continue this process without her knowledge and ability to break these concepts down for me to understand. She was a GREAT investment with this process and I appreciate her for providing me with the knowledge she did. I will DEFINITELY be using her in the future for the products I have down the line!

  38. Ashley says:

    Amazing Consultation with Ms. Tonya. Very knowledgeable on what I needed to do to make this product line the best for our consumers. I am grateful I came across her and her services. Highly recommended and will definitely continue to support and utilize her services. Thank you so much Ms. Tonya.

  39. Kiame says:

    The consultation was amazing! I learned so much about the type of products I would like to produce for my line. Tonya answered every single one of my questions with grace and professionalism. She made me feel extremely comfortable and you can honestly tell that she truly loves what she does. I recommend this consultation for anyone at any stage of their business journey because you could never have too much information. I look forward to scheduling more calls in the near future, because I value Tonya’s advice and knowledge.

  40. Adjo says:

    Whew, 10/10! 5 stars! You addressed everything I brought up in-depth and made sure I understood. You also didn’t mind answering questions that I didn’t initially express in the pre-work questions. I feel so supported and motivated to take this next step, and I’m so excited to explore the wealth of resources you’re sharing with me. I will not hesitate to book another consultation when needed. Thank you so much, Tonya. You really made my day 💕

  41. Briuna says:

    Tonya was amazing and knowledgeable about the information she was teaching me on! I have never met her in person, but I can tell she is down to earth and a breath of fresh air. We talked about my product and she helped me to focus and understand how the ingredients work within my product. I am so glad I found her because I will definitely be booking another consultation in the future because there were certain details that I wasn’t aware of until we had our call. She helped me to reorganize my product idea and strategized with me to create an effective marketing plan for my product! Again, the experience was amazing and thanks so much for everything!

  42. Shanen says:

    Thanks again for our chat today! I did learn quite a bit and appreciate your candid feedback on my product ideas. I believe after our initial discussion that I am now more confident about moving forward with a product line that addresses the key differentiators we discussed. I thank you for answering all my questions and for giving me your perspective on gaps within the industry. I’m looking forward to partnering together to deliver excellent, innovative products.

  43. Crissy says:

    I scheduled a product consultation with Tonya of Curly Chemistry and I was blown away by her customer service. She was interested in my interests and goals for my brand. I appreciate her wealth of knowledge and ability to translate her expertise in layman’s terms. Tonya helped me create a game plan for product development.

  44. Yolanda says:

    Tonya is the Chemist that I didn’t know I needed this whole time! I’ve been juggling so much between homeschooling with my child, I’m also in school, and now starting a new business in hair care. I’ve been trying to learn as much as I could by doing my own research but so much of my time, attention, and energy is being divided and I knew that I needed guidance I just didn’t know where to start. I came across Tonya’s YouTube page and realized she did consultations on how to create your natural hair care line. After watching her videos I was confident that I would get the help I needed and I received that and SO much more! She answered all of my questions and concerns about my formula ( I had many!) Tonya provided me with different ideas on how I can make my product better and introduced me to SO many resources that are SUPER helpful. She was very kind, patient, and made sure to ask if I had any additional questions throughout the call. I had a few but not many because she covered everything! I’m so appreciative to have gotten to work with Tonya especially during these challenging times (COVID-19) and with everything I have going on this consultation gave me so much clarity, motivation, and confidence! (I have a lot of work to do but I’m excited!) Thank you, Tonya for being a part of this journey!

  45. Debbie says:

    Thank you for such a comprehensive and educational meeting today. Your insight, foresight guide has given me the tools to have better direction in fulfilling My Brand goals. You truly care and it shows!

  46. Elesa says:

    Tonya, thank you for responding to me immediately when I contacted you regarding obtaining a hair care consultation with you. I am pleased with the consultation/service that you provided to me. On the day of our scheduled consultation, you were timely, knowledgeable, and provided me with solid information. The consultation and information that I received from you, will assist me to be successful on my hair care business journey.

    During our consultation, your demeanor was inviting, cheerful and comforting. You were professional, yet personable, which made it easy for me to ask you questions.

    Thank you also for following up with me after my consultation with you.

    You are an amazing spirit. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, positive energy, and life space with me.

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