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5 Crazy Easy Tips for Longer Hair!

November 28, 2020

Let’s cut to the chase, achieving longer hair should not be a pain, even though at times it seems like it is. However, in this video I’m sharing what matters when it comes to growing longer hair. I’m sharing 5 CRAZY easy tips, crazy because it’s just that easy!! Add these tips with a tablespoon of consistency and you got yourself some lengthhh! Okurr!!! 😉…

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Risky Natural Hair Care Products!

Natural is the new buzz word in the hair care industry. People will turn down amazing products, just because it’s not “natural”. In this video, I’m describing what “natural” really means and why you shouldn’t focus so much on that word. Check out “Risky Natural Hair Care Products” video below!…

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BEST AFFORDABLE Herbs For Hair Growth That ACTUALLY Work!

Many of you want longer healthy hair and I’m here to tell you that it is achievable! In this video, I’m sharing affordable herbs you can use for hair growth that are all less than $10. These herbs are easy to use with results backed by science! Check out “Best Herbs for Hair Growth” video below!…

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God + Hair Growth

September 5, 2020

Hair growth for many have been a mystery, consistent hair growth is the goal. In this video I am breaking down hair growth in a tangible way that reflects our world. Learn what you should be doing to achieve the most growth your body can achieve by incorporating small inexpensive tweaks to your regimen. Highlight Reel Ask and you shall receive!  Did you know the…

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Why The No Poo Method Is A Bad Idea

Everything is not always as they seem with trends, so in this video I’m breaking down what “No Poo” really looks like on the scalp and how to take your hair health to the next level with some small tweaks/suggestions Highlight Reel The curly girl method involves not using shampoo.  The premise behind it is that shampoo’s tend to be drying and can leave less…

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The depths of sea moss are still being uncovered! This unique sea plant has awesome benefits for the body, skin, and hair! In this video I’m breaking down the most abundant component in sea moss and how your hair can reap the moisturizing benefits! Highlight Reel Carrageenans The star of sea moss that you should know about.  Carrageenans are responsible for the “jelly texture” sea…

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Ingredients That Change The Hair!

With so much talk around porosity, the bigger question is can your conditioner or moisturizer change your porosity level? In this video we’re going to chat about how ingredients can affect your hair porosity level, the two types of alcohols in your hair care products, and ingredient labels!! Highlight Reel Chemical services Relaxers, colors, and perms oh my!  These treatments are the quickest way to…

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THE PMP METHOD is in full effect! Some of you have already been raving about how great this method is and I’m here to break it down for you and offer some really good advice based on your porosity! THE BREAKDOWN Penetrate This step is important to avoid hygral fatigue.  Applying coconut oil to your hair a prepoo prior to shampooing your hair will block…

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Perfect 7 Hair Protecting Oils (By Size)

June 11, 2020

Heyyy!  I’m assuming you just saw my latest video on PMP so I know why you’re here 😉 the list is below! (Ranked from largest to smallest) Hair Grease (Petrolatum) Shea/Mango Butter  Castor Oil Avocado Oil Jojoba Oil Sunflower Oil Grapeseed Oil  My favorites are hair grease and avocado!  However I recommend you choose based on what YOUR hair loves. With Love, Tonya  P.S:  I…

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The Secret Life of Butters In Your Hair!

April 29, 2020

    I love a good butter for my hair!! However not all butters are made the same! Let’s take another dive into the science of hair care and get some of these questions answered!! Like do they moisturize?? Do they penetrate? Which one is best for high + low porosity hair? Check out the video above as I reveal these amazing butters with benefits…

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Tonya S.

Tonya S.

Welcome! I'm a cosmetic chemist specializing in natural hair care. I teach women how to get results with their hair care regimens from a science perspective and understand ingredient labels based on their hair needs so they can save time and money!



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