God + Hair Growth

September 5, 2020

Hair growth for many have been a mystery, consistent hair growth is the goal. In this video I am breaking down hair growth in a tangible way that reflects our world. Learn what you should be doing to achieve the most growth your body can achieve by incorporating small inexpensive tweaks to your regimen.

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2 responses to “God + Hair Growth”

  1. Dana Price says:

    I love you; you are a God-send and I’m sure you’ll better understand during our coming consultation. This site is Wonder Woman WON-Der-FULL! LOVE how informative, educational, and concise your videos are (I found them on YouTube and started following you there before visiting this site) and your personality is SUPERb for what you’re doing. I can see your heart in and passion for what you’re doing and I sincerely appreciate that, thank God for you, and pray your continued success in your mission! I look forward to being able to pick your brain and work with you in the near future. Stay blessed as you are a blessing.

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