Why Your Cuticle Is The Secret To #HAIRGOALS

July 31, 2018

One of the top 3 hair goal desires are:

  1. Longer Hair
  2. Softer Hair
  3. Manageable Hair

These desires all come down to one simple microscopic fix which is to smooth (close) the hair cuticles.  If you get anything from this post, please get this.

 The cuticles of our hair were never really designed to be open, only closed!

Every conditioner, deep treatment mask, moisturizer, protein treatment you have ever used was designed to fix a problem which is either to close the cuticle or patch up missing pieces of the cuticle.

The following practices that will always disrupt the cuticle include

These culprits can raise the cuticle of the hair results to tangled, dry, and weak hair.

Solution #1

To give your hair cuticle some much needed TLC always follow up every chemical process, every protein treatment, and every shampoo with a creamy nourishing conditioner that contains cationic ingredients to lay those raised cuticles down! This creates a thin nourishing film on the hair that will smooth and soften the hair.

How often? Weekly (in my opinion).

Solution #2

Make sure your hair products are in the proper pH range: 4.5-.6.0.  You can purchase pH strips here to test your own products at home to make sure they are in range, I use them too!  This is especially beneficial for those who love to create their own hair concoctions & rinses at home!


Overall! Keep those cuticles closed & smooth; and your #HAIRGOALS are closer than you think!!


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