Castor Oil: The Liquid Hair Vitamin

July 31, 2018

Castor oil is definitely one of the most talked about natural oils in the healthy hair care community. 

The oil is thick, slightly yellow in appearance & emits a beautiful shine!  I often recommend this oil to my friends & family who are trying to grow their edges from previous damage and depending on the quality of castor oil many report seeing results in weeks!!

But, wait how is this possible & how can you get the most out of it?

—Fatty Acids For Hair Growth!—

Like most oils, they are comprised of fatty acids that have different functions. Castor oil is unique because unlike the majority of oils that we use, close to 90% of castor oil is made up of Ricinoleic Acid (below), an omega-9 fatty acid.


When applied to our scalp, this special acid activates a hair growth receptor called prostaglandin E2 (below).

When activated our scalp is stimulated which produces hair growth & thickness!  Therefore making castor oil a natural liquid hair growth elixir.  

The best way to reap the benefit?

QUICK TIP: Castor oil is heavy, using it too often will weigh your hair down, so I recommend using it with a light hand in a nozzle like bottle, no more than 3 times a week.

Also get cold pressed castor oil.  My picks are Home Health & Heritage Store brands.

**FYI: Women who are pregnant should stay away from castor oil, it is known to induce pregnancies.  

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  1. Rícino says:

    Very nice article about castor oil. I like using it on my hair for growth

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