Amodimethicone For Extra Conditioned Curls

May 25, 2018

Shine, slip, and conditioned curls…

Next time (sometime this week) you’re in the hair aisle gazing over the ingredient list look for amodimethicone.



Yes it’s not so favorable cousin is dimethicone, and no it’s not that bad.  Amodimethicone is one of the few dimethicones that can be easily removed with a surfactant based shampoo.

It is found mainly in conditioners and leave-ins for it’s slip, shine, and ease of combing the hair.  It can vary between a white milky or clear color liquid that is typically added during the oil phase of the formulation. This ingredient has a positive charge which will gladly attach itself to the cuticles of your hair which will make your have feel smoother & softer, without the crazy buildup. 

If you happen to see this ingredient in one of your products, do not panic!  All dimethicones aren’t bad, I find that most products I love have dimethicones in them!  

So if you’re looking for a product that can bring shine, slip, & conditioning, keep your eyes open for amodimethicone.


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