Carbomer For Curl Definition!

May 25, 2018

Let’s talk about CARBOMER!


Chemically carbomer is a polymeric chemical composition, or in other words its a structure containing multiple units bonded together.  

In the lab when we’re creating hair care products we use this to increase viscosity (thickness) of a product.  

In styling gels, carbomer will most likely be either the second or third ingredient.  We like carbomer because it creates JELLY, and jelly defines curls, smooths edges, and helps with styling our hair.  

Carbomer creates a healthy film around the hair that smooths the cuticles of the hair, which is ideal for styling our hair.

So kudos to carbomer for being the real MVP for bomb wash n go’s!  


P.S: EcoStyler is famous for creating styling gels that define our curls & bring moisture to our hair, my favorite EcoStyle gel is the Super Protein Styling Gel in the black tub!  So good!


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