Dimethicone For Curls!…Seriously.

May 24, 2018

In a school environment where a particular student is put down repeatedly, dimethicone would be that poor student. Dimethicone has been apart of the “AVOID AT ALL COST” list for healthy hair care enthusiasts for years! However, in all honesty I think a lot of the opinions that have gone forth are misinformed and do not quiet understand how this underdog ingredient actually works.

-The Basics-

Dimethicone is a silicone based polymer (silicon oil) that is used in hair care products to:

-The Rumors-

Dimethicone creates an impenetrable film on the hair that causes:

-My Thoughts-

YES, dimethicone creates a film on the hair, HOWEVER so does your favorite conditioner & moisturizer. ALL hair products are designed to create some sort of film, this gives us that silky & softfeel that we love.  Dimethicone does wash out, now there are some “cones” that are easier & harder to wash out, that do require a clarifying shampoo to remove (which is an essential part of a hair regimen). If you would like a list of “cones” & there wash out ability check out the link in the email.

Overall. Dimethicone is not the enemy, like all ingredients some may love & some may not love, either way dimethicone deserves a chance! 🙂

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